The best VPN for your Tablet

The 6 best VPN apps for smartphones and Tablet

The best VPN for your Tablet

On the road with your Smartphone or tablet in the Internet to surf, or to build a connection to the corporate network, VPN apps are the best way. There are numerous apps for Android, because the system was designed by Google as open environment. But there are enough apps for iOS.

Many VPN apps is available for free through the app store for Android in Google play or available. The download is done either directly on the devices or through a distribution with mobile device management (MDM) tool. Thus fails to connection problems and for reasons of security, VPN apps should be updated in terms of brisk. Current apps provide a real added value to security – especially for users who are on the road a lot, and must work with sensitive data on the Internet or in cloud services.

Advantages of VPN connections

Users use a VPN connection, not only unsafe and untrusted wireless networks can be safer to use, but also Werbetracker be led astray or do not work. IP and country borders are just to work around, such as spying attempts by attackers. All the apps in this post are easy to install and set up. Creating a VPN connection is carried out automatically.

Sometimes the speed of the Internet connection when using a VPN client can suffer something, in most cases are but felt no negative effect. Since the apps are available for free, it’s worth to try several to find the individual the best app. All apps create automated VPN connections in the settings of the iPhone and iPad. Deletes the app, created VPN connections are removed. However, the correct distance should be verified always even if anything negative is noticed in our tests.

VPN by SurfEasy – free WiFi Privacy & Security

The free app “VPN by SurfEasy – Free WiFi Privacy & Security” can build quick and easy connections to VPN servers, to enable safe surfing (see Figure 1). The app is useful for example even if a secure connection to a cloud service. The connection is carried out via AES256 encryption (see Figure 2).

The app allows you to create an account for unlimited connections. Such an account but is not a prerequisite to use. The 250 MB data volume is limited without an account, what should be sufficient for the most important connections but. There is also a client for Android available in addition to iPhones and iPads. Especially when connected to unsafe hotspots, SurfEasy plays out its strengths as a secure Internet connection is automatically rebuilt when it is connected to the Smartphone with an insecure Wi-FI. To connect a VPN configuration on the Smartphone is created.

The official OpenVPN VPN client allows the connection to VPN servers in the corporate network. Do this, but the VPN server must support the OpenVPN standard. Unlike other VPN apps in this post, this app supports but not an anonymous VPN Internet.

Always a private VPN server based on OpenVPN is required as counterpart. About this Internet connection can be provided. Also the server part of OpenVPN is available free of charge. Set up a such VPN server on raspberry-PI devices, but also on the OpenWRT routers can support. The client to connect to OpenVPN is available for Android and PCs running Windows or Linux available. Also client for MacOS Sierra is available.

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